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Who am I?

I'm Dave.


On 15 May 2017 I set off from Land's End on a long walk north to John o' Groats to celebrate my 40th birthday / indulge in a multi-month midlife crisis.

I reached journey's end 82 days later.

It was a wonderful adventure and one of the highlights of my life.

This site is a photo-diary of my trip, featuring over 1,000 images and daily blog posts. You can either read my journey from day one. Or you can browse the index and pick a leg.

If you are considering a LeJog journey yourself (Do it! Do it!) I have also compiled a few FAQs.

One of the pleasures of publishing this blog has been hearing from others who have walked LeJog (or JoGLe); or who have enjoyed reading about my own journey. So do feel free to drop me a line

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