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What I packed

I am no expert in mountaineering, backpacking or indeed long distance walking. I have almost no interest in walking kit and couldn't tell you whether Gore Tex is more breathable than Merino Wool. So my kit list have been shaped entirely by others' recommendations, both on and offline. The main rule governing my pack has been *as light as possible* - which is something I do have an interest in. My laptop and books add most weight and I have allowed myself only one 'luxury' item - the travel radio that Rebecca gave me as a 40th birthday gift for those lonesome nights ahead...

Here's what I've packed:


- Walking boots (to be worn)

- Walking trousers (to be worn)

- Walking shorts

- Jeans (for evenings)

- Flip flops (for evenings)

- Sunglasses

- 2 x pair walking 'pants', 1 pair 'evening pants' (;-) ) - I have been told that walking pants are an essential; chafed privates - particularly in sweaty weather - are unwelcome.

- 2 x pair walking socks; 1 pair evening socks

- 2 non-cotton T-shirts

- 1 light top layer

- 1 heavier fleece-style top layer

- Swimming trunks

- Waterproof jacket

- Waterproof trousers

- Hat


- Toiletries (sun cream, toothbrush etc)

- Travel towel

- First aid kit, inc blister kits and vaseline

- Water bottles (x2)

- Lighter

- Paper and pen

- Glasses

- Mosquito net


- Head torch

- Whistle

- Compass (maybe I'll learn how to use it en route ;-) )

- Guidebooks and select maps (I will swap these in and out en route)


- Travel radio from Rebecca

- Camera with spare battery and SD cards - though not the Canon in the picture, which I decided after a few test walks to leave behind

- Laptop (I have to check in to work)

- iPhone (with OS Maps App installed)

- Chargers and leads for the above

My kit is packed into an Osprey backpack in waterproof inner sacks.

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